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JAWBREAKING is a contemporary fashion label and retailer rooted in the 21-century youthquake and born of the idea that the clothes you were not only express who you but hold the memories of who you were when you wore them.

Founded in 2008 and positioned as the "gift shop" to online platform,, there is a fundamental connection to youth expression, collaboration, and experimentation. 

Product offerings change and adapt to the world they exist within. Much like in nature, when the environment can support the manifestation of the identity, it thrives. 

Based in Asheville, North Carolina, the brand celebrates the culture of America, the history of North Carolina's textile industry, and the spirits of the slave who picked the cotton. 

The goal is to be a physical manifestation of the new generation. To elevate the status of a t-shirt and disregard the glamour of a ball gown.


The youth always wins.

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