The Beginning of the 1D Craze...

So, I was just sitting in the office trying to get some orders done and me and my best friend, Emily, were just talking about One Direction and I had realized by her over emotional and drama texts that read "Today is a very emotional day." I was like wait... I went back in my pictures on facebook from this time last year and it was when Zayn wore Jawbreaking. So, yes, a very pivotal moment in life, my career, or whatever. It's crazy to think about how everything happens for a reason. We didn't really "meet" them, it was more like Emily threw the shirt at Zayn while he was walking by and I briefly was trying to tell him about it through a van window over the screams of so many girls. But it happened that way for a reason!!! 

To celebrate this pivotal moment that somehow reached the other members (except Harry. Ima getchu, Styles. One way or another. No pun intended on your new cover) as well as their friends and family and to well over 15,000 new followers in the past year because of it, every design they've ever worn is on sale right now!! And you can get an additional 20% off your purchase with the code SPRING20

Regardless of whether you found out about Jawbreaking through the craziness of One Direction or not, I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing support the past year. The company has grown so much and it's thanks all thanks to you guys. And the boys of course ;)

Zayn Malik wearing our Wanderer Tank top filming for MTV and the Today Show.

Louis Tomlinson wearing our Wanderer T-Shirt with a fan.


Liam Payne wearing our Wanderer Burnout Baseball Tee with his girlfriend, Danielle, on his birthday.

Josh Devine wearing our Vagabond T-Shirt at X Factor rehersals.


Liam wearing our Circa 2008 Dreamcatcher T-Shirt at his surprise birthday party.

Niall Horan wearing our SOS T-Shirt with a fan.

Liam Payne wearing our Wanderer T-Shirt at a meet and greet.


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November 18, 2013

The best shirts ever!

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