NYC, Jonas Brothers, and my first meet up!

Last week, Emily and I flew up to NYC to meet up with Kelly for the Jonas Brothers show at Radio City and to celebrate Emily’s birthday! We had so much fun reliving our 14 year old selves. I also had my very first meet up which I was really hesitant to do because I wasn’t sure if people would show up, but they did and I’m so thankful and glad I did it! It was WONDERFUL meeting you all that came out to the meet up. It was also crazy to run into a lot of Jawbreaking fans in the city!

And no, I don’t sell my shirts at meetups. But as a “thank you for coming to the first meet up ever,” I brought a bunch of extra shirts I had left over from sample sales and what not for everyone.

Here’s an embarrassing, yet funny, video of our trip!  

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