#WCW: Nadia Aboulhosn

Self-made, next level eyebrows, a ridiculously on-point fashion sense, amazing blog, plus, let's face it, I could look at her forever. Nadia Aboulhosn is my dream girl.  Everything she does is so good. If you haven't poured over her blog, you are missing out. An advocate for wearing, and feeling really good in whatever the fuck you want to wear, she's really changed the game for fashion blogging. That's not the only way that she proves that *good* fashion is not just for one type of body, she's also a model and has recently collaborated with a U.K. brand to put out her own line of plus-sized clothing (which is killer btw). 

(Nadia in a Don't Know Don't Care Tee and an old school Free Punches Tank)

I've kept up with her for a pretty long time, so I will also add that she's extremely likable and seems like a true force of nature.  I would guess that she has a pretty firm handshake. I'm also going to guess that everyone will be seeing a lot more of her in the next few years.  And you know what? I think she's probably a really good friend, judging by her interactions with her (extremely large) internet following. Good twitter. I just think about it a lot, friend crush, whatever.  AND she's in love with Drake and wears Jawbreaking from time to time.  Trustworthy.

Nadia, you cute. 

xo, Adele
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