4 Mercury in Retrograde Jawbreaking Essentials

Mercury is going into retrograde on the 18th, and I think it's important for us all to take a step back during these pre-retrograde times and get prepared because basically, shit's about to get real. Here are 4 Jawbreaking essentials for to keep close in the weeks to come:

Maxin' Relaxin' Sweatshirt
Your best defense during this time is to hang back. Don't do anything crazy, start anything new, or dive into any big projects, because it will 100% end in disaster. Just relax. Maybe stay inside. Expect all of your things to break and everything to go wrong.  Accept it.

Love is a Bitch Muscle Tank
These next few weeks are going to be a horrible time for communication and we all know communication is key in any healthy relationship.  Mercury being in retrograde, simply put, fucks up your love life. So basically, be prepared, we may all be feeling this muscle tank's message pretty soon. 

To Wear Black T-shirt
Keep your decisions simple! Don't make any huge life choices, because your foundation is way too shaky during this time. Only answer life's easy questions. Like yeah, wear black. But no, don't get eloped and definitely don't get bangs. Wait til mid-June, when everything is normal again.

Don't You Drop That Alcohol Flask
The most important thing is to stay calm and collected.  And there's no shame in needing a lil' something to take the edge off.  The Retrograde causes breakdowns in communication, so read over your text messages before you send them, ask your boo to clarify everything and anything and expect for some drama to occur.  Don't panic and hold on tight to everything that you hold dear... like your booze and your Beyonce. 

I'll be hibernating until June 11th. Good luck, guys!

xo, Adele
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