#WCWs: Blue and Beyonce

In honor of Mother's Day, my WCWs are my favorite mother, my favorite person, my favorite everything, Beyonce and her equally incredible spawn, Blue Ivy. No one can disagree that Beyonce is the queen and has changed the game in every way possible by merely existing. So naturally, since everything she has ever made is completely flawless, her offspring is no different.  Blue Ivy has changed the baby game forever.

I mean, she's featured on the hottest album ever released (sorry not sorry, Beck), she's already a show stealer (see above) and she's 3 years old. Good genes, good parenting, and a lot of unexplainable Beyonce (& Jay-Z, I guess) magic has made for one spectacular child. 

And props to Beyonce for taking some time out of her busy schedule to teach Blue the importance of dental hygiene.  Can you even imagine Beyonce being your mom? Like, having her help you brush your teeth and get ready for bed and stuff, and it's Beyonce? Because she's your mom? Beyonce just carries you around all day and you live in her house and kind of look like her.  I'm 26 years old and I would literally trade anything. 

Happy Mother's Day, Queen Bey and all hail Princess Blue! 

xo, Adele
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