#WCW: 2015 Kim Kardashian

When Kim Kardashian cut her hair into a long bob, I was shocked, and in love. When she took even more off, I decided I needed a haircut.  WHEN SHE WENT PLATINUM, I THREW MY PHONE AND SCREAMED because my mind was literally blown.  I never want to stop looking at her.

Slytherin-chic. Kim's been on a steady incline since her terry cloth sweatsuit/belly chain days, but her style has gone through the roof since the new year.  I am obsessed with looking at her. Now, we all know Kanye has a lot to do with her style improvements. Controlling? Who knows, I'm thinking probably not really. I think the world can give her a little credit for once. People like to write her off as a talentless reality star, but lets get real. Kim's a business woman and stays making the right moves. Her high fashion taste may be newly influenced, but her ability to stay relevant is consistently all her.  So maybe Kanye is filling her closet, but DAMN, Kim is filling her clothes.

Plus, Kim and Kanye look amazing and happy together.  They smile an awful lot for people who consciously try not to smile. Married with children looks good on them! So does black on black on black on black.  TBH my WCW is their little family. North is already a shade-throwing little star herself:

That face though. I feel you, Nori. 

P.S. Thank you for distracting the internet from "the dress" for a while with your new 'do, Kim.

xo, Adele
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