#WCW: Kate Nash

Kate Nash is my personal #WCESEDF: woman crush every second every day forever. She honestly crosses my mind several times a day. "What's Kate Nash doing right now? What is her hair doing today? Does she even know that we're celestial soul mates? I wonder if my friends on Spotify think it's weird that I only listen to Kate Nash?" More of an obsession than a crush, to be honest. There are many things that make Kate Nash an amazing cool-girl goddess, but I'm going to cover 3: her style, her music and the fact that she is the literal embodiment of girl power. 

1.  "Fashion is art just as much as a piece of music is art. Seeing the two come together and work as a harmonised vision is thrilling." An artist through and through, she is a walking visual art piece. Her style is best described as colorful, complex and brave as hell. P.S. Her instagram was a beautiful place to be during NYFW. 

2.  Simply put, every piece of music Kate Nash has ever released has instantly become my new favorite thing that I've ever heard. Her music gets better and better, and is consistently artful, honest and really smart. Also, just really fun to listen to. Her latest album, Girl Talk, has everything that I've ever needed. Listen to it from start to finish, and you'll understand. 

3.  Kate Nash has your back. Not only is she a girl powerhouse, but she wants every woman everywhere to have the opportunity to be a girl powerhouse as well.  From her music to her involvement with programs and foundations that work to help girls and women all over the world, everything that she does is saturated in female empowerment. Into it. 

Love you, Kate!

xo, Adele
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