Playlist Live 2015 - Photo Blog

We're back in the office after the crazy weekend that was Playlist Live. It was 3 days full of work, parties, fantastic weather and roller coasters and I'm still not over it. We had a booth setup in the main stage area and we had an amazing time meeting all of you who shopped with us! While I sit here and reminisce, check out some of the photos below to see what the Jawbreaking squad got up to! 

Thursday morning we had some issues getting our UHAUL trailer, but we were FINALLY ready to roll around 2PM. After more on-the-road drama we got to Orlando around 1:30 AM Friday morning. We blame Mercury.

Can't stay mad at Mercury forever though because Florida is so nice in February. 

After setting up our booth on Friday, we were ready to get down at the first VIP party. Just imagine how long it took us to get ready though. Five girls in one bathroom ain't no joke. 

Side note: this Jawbreaking squad plays hard and works even harder. We partied 'till the AM, but were ready to roll for the first official day of selling at Playlist on Saturday morning. Except...


After waiting forever to get Starbucks and running through crowds of fans, we made it to our prime location near the main stage at the convention center. Thanks Playlist for always taking care of us and shoutout to Local Wolves for this rad photo! 

At Playlist Tristate, we had some bomb empanadas and no joke, we crossed our fingers that Orlando would treat us well. 
They came through. #blessed 

 After a crazy/fun day of vending, there was another party on Saturday night sponsored by Fullscreen! It's a great night of dancing, hanging with our Youtube friends, and dancing some more. Still can't feel my legs. 

How cute is our Customer Care Manager, Margaret in the back of our trailer on the last day of Playlist?! We sold out of a lot of shirts so we were coming back empty. You guys can shop! 

On Sunday night, Universal Studios was open after hours for creators and fans. No joke, we rode the Rip, Ride, Rockit coaster THREE TIMES. Roaming around a park at midnight was a highlight. Especially when you have a squad like this to take selfies with. 

I'm exhausted, but Playlist was such a fun weekend, I can't even complain. If you were there, comment below and share your pics! We want to get to know your lovely faces!

Peace & Love,

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