Outfit of the Week- The Thrifty Reaper

This week has been pretty HUGE since we announced free shipping within the US for always and forever! Pretty rad, huh? Since you’re shopping more, we want to give you weekly inspirations on how to wear some of our favorite tees and sweatshirts!  
First up: The Thrifty Reaper

Now, I have to admit, I often come to work decked in Jawbreaking. And that’s because I obsess way too easily over great clothing. And babes, today was one of those jaw breakin’ days. It’s crazy cold but the Grim Reaper is even cooler on our “Peace Out” tee. I paired this with some trendy (& ever so comfy) faux-leather inset leggings and a sweet, vintage acid-wash jacket I snagged from a thrift shop (I can take your grandpa’s style…No for real, I did.) I threw on a pair of black booties, a bowl hat, and set out to conquer my day!
If you’re an all-black-all-day-everyday winter person like me, adding color to your outfits can be easy by wearing cool button-downs, blazers, or jackets over your black Jawbreaking tees! Layering is key when these winter days become too much to handle. (Uh, summer? You here yet?)
Love this look? Would you wear it differently? Comment below and tell us what tees you’d like to be styled next!
Keep breaking jaws babes.
Peace & Love,

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