December 09, 2015

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Holiday Shipping Deadlines

Make sure you get all of your gifts in time for Christmas by following the deadlines below! These deadlines are applicable to U.S. orders ONLY!

We'd also like to let you know that all U.S. preorder shipments WILL arrive by Christmas Eve!!! *happy dance* Shout out to our amaze screen printers, Trust Printshop, for working their booties off for us!

May 27, 2015


#WCW: Nadia Aboulhosn

Self-made, next level eyebrows, a ridiculously on-point fashion sense, amazing blog, plus, let's face it, I could look at her forever. Nadia Aboulhosn is my dream girl.  Everything she does is so good. If you haven't poured over her blog, you are missing out. An advocate for wearing, and feeling really good in whatever the fuck you want to wear, she's really changed the game for fashion blogging. That's not the only way that she proves that *good* fashion is not just for one type of body, she's also a model and has recently collaborated with a U.K. brand to put out her own line of plus-sized clothing (which is killer btw). 

(Nadia in a Don't Know Don't Care Tee and an old school Free Punches Tank)

I've kept up with her for a pretty long time, so I will also add that she's extremely likable and seems like a true force of nature.  I would guess that she has a pretty firm handshake. I'm also going to guess that everyone will be seeing a lot more of her in the next few years.  And you know what? I think she's probably a really good friend, judging by her interactions with her (extremely large) internet following. Good twitter. I just think about it a lot, friend crush, whatever.  AND she's in love with Drake and wears Jawbreaking from time to time.  Trustworthy.

Nadia, you cute. 

xo, Adele
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May 13, 2015


4 Mercury in Retrograde Jawbreaking Essentials

Mercury is going into retrograde on the 18th, and I think it's important for us all to take a step back during these pre-retrograde times and get prepared because basically, shit's about to get real. Here are 4 Jawbreaking essentials for to keep close in the weeks to come:

Maxin' Relaxin' Sweatshirt
Your best defense during this time is to hang back. Don't do anything crazy, start anything new, or dive into any big projects, because it will 100% end in disaster. Just relax. Maybe stay inside. Expect all of your things to break and everything to go wrong.  Accept it.

Love is a Bitch Muscle Tank
These next few weeks are going to be a horrible time for communication and we all know communication is key in any healthy relationship.  Mercury being in retrograde, simply put, fucks up your love life. So basically, be prepared, we may all be feeling this muscle tank's message pretty soon. 

To Wear Black T-shirt
Keep your decisions simple! Don't make any huge life choices, because your foundation is way too shaky during this time. Only answer life's easy questions. Like yeah, wear black. But no, don't get eloped and definitely don't get bangs. Wait til mid-June, when everything is normal again.

Don't You Drop That Alcohol Flask
The most important thing is to stay calm and collected.  And there's no shame in needing a lil' something to take the edge off.  The Retrograde causes breakdowns in communication, so read over your text messages before you send them, ask your boo to clarify everything and anything and expect for some drama to occur.  Don't panic and hold on tight to everything that you hold dear... like your booze and your Beyonce. 

I'll be hibernating until June 11th. Good luck, guys!

xo, Adele
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May 06, 2015


#WCWs: Blue and Beyonce

In honor of Mother's Day, my WCWs are my favorite mother, my favorite person, my favorite everything, Beyonce and her equally incredible spawn, Blue Ivy. No one can disagree that Beyonce is the queen and has changed the game in every way possible by merely existing. So naturally, since everything she has ever made is completely flawless, her offspring is no different.  Blue Ivy has changed the baby game forever.

I mean, she's featured on the hottest album ever released (sorry not sorry, Beck), she's already a show stealer (see above) and she's 3 years old. Good genes, good parenting, and a lot of unexplainable Beyonce (& Jay-Z, I guess) magic has made for one spectacular child. 

And props to Beyonce for taking some time out of her busy schedule to teach Blue the importance of dental hygiene.  Can you even imagine Beyonce being your mom? Like, having her help you brush your teeth and get ready for bed and stuff, and it's Beyonce? Because she's your mom? Beyonce just carries you around all day and you live in her house and kind of look like her.  I'm 26 years old and I would literally trade anything. 

Happy Mother's Day, Queen Bey and all hail Princess Blue! 

xo, Adele
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April 15, 2015


#WCW: Zoë Kravitz, Queen of Coachella

As the entire world knows, Coachella is happening this week, which is generally as much of a fashion show as an actual festival.  This year has been an especially stylish one, and Zoë Kravitz is #1 on my personal best dressed list. Daughter of Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz, she's proof that two outstandingly attractive, talented people make an absolute masterpiece of a human. I guess cool can be genetic, which is why she radiates it so effortlessly.  

Zoë is on the cover of Marie Claire this month, her film The Road Within is out this week, and her super interesting and awesome band, Lolawolf, has been touring.  So basically, she's killing it right now. And she's probably really busy killing it, so I'm glad she was able to grace the desert with her presence in this mint fur that I am completely obsessed with. 

Hey Zoë, lemme borrow that coat?

xo, Adele
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April 08, 2015


#WCW: Kate Nash

Kate Nash is my personal #WCESEDF: woman crush every second every day forever. She honestly crosses my mind several times a day. "What's Kate Nash doing right now? What is her hair doing today? Does she even know that we're celestial soul mates? I wonder if my friends on Spotify think it's weird that I only listen to Kate Nash?" More of an obsession than a crush, to be honest. There are many things that make Kate Nash an amazing cool-girl goddess, but I'm going to cover 3: her style, her music and the fact that she is the literal embodiment of girl power. 

1.  "Fashion is art just as much as a piece of music is art. Seeing the two come together and work as a harmonised vision is thrilling." An artist through and through, she is a walking visual art piece. Her style is best described as colorful, complex and brave as hell. P.S. Her instagram was a beautiful place to be during NYFW. 

2.  Simply put, every piece of music Kate Nash has ever released has instantly become my new favorite thing that I've ever heard. Her music gets better and better, and is consistently artful, honest and really smart. Also, just really fun to listen to. Her latest album, Girl Talk, has everything that I've ever needed. Listen to it from start to finish, and you'll understand. 

3.  Kate Nash has your back. Not only is she a girl powerhouse, but she wants every woman everywhere to have the opportunity to be a girl powerhouse as well.  From her music to her involvement with programs and foundations that work to help girls and women all over the world, everything that she does is saturated in female empowerment. Into it. 

Love you, Kate!

xo, Adele
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March 23, 2015


Jawbreaking for Every Sign

Hey, what's your sign?  Here is a list of astrological matches made in Jawbreaking heaven!

March 21st-April 20th
There's never a question of what an Aries wants. They'll tell you straight up!

April 21st-May 21st
You can always count on a dependable Taurus to follow through. Loyal AF.

May 22nd-June 21st
Duality rules this sign. Guilty or Innocent? Depends on the day!

June 22nd-July 22nd
Starry eyed and maybe a little bit emo, Cancers love hard!

July 23rd-August 22nd
Success comes easy for a Leo. Constantly slayin' it.  

August 23rd-September 22nd
Practical and level-headed, you can count on a Virgo to be literally the most literal.

September 23rd-October 23rd
Always weighing their options, always so indecisive! This one's easy Libras, wear black.

October 24th-November 22nd
Usually intriguing and mysterious and reallllly cute. But watch your back, Caesar! Scorpios are ambitious to no end!

November 23rd-December 21st
Adventures are their thing! A Sagittarius enjoys the journey. 

December 22nd-January 20th
Determined and ambitious, Capricorns are conquerers!

January 21st-February 18th
They're fun AND charming! Not to mention loyal. An Aquarius is a fantastic BFF.

February 19th-March 20th
The dreamiest of the signs, and the most intuitive and imaginative. Pisces always have their heads in the clouds.

It's written in the stars!

xo, Adele
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March 11, 2015


#WCW: 2015 Kim Kardashian

When Kim Kardashian cut her hair into a long bob, I was shocked, and in love. When she took even more off, I decided I needed a haircut.  WHEN SHE WENT PLATINUM, I THREW MY PHONE AND SCREAMED because my mind was literally blown.  I never want to stop looking at her.

Slytherin-chic. Kim's been on a steady incline since her terry cloth sweatsuit/belly chain days, but her style has gone through the roof since the new year.  I am obsessed with looking at her. Now, we all know Kanye has a lot to do with her style improvements. Controlling? Who knows, I'm thinking probably not really. I think the world can give her a little credit for once. People like to write her off as a talentless reality star, but lets get real. Kim's a business woman and stays making the right moves. Her high fashion taste may be newly influenced, but her ability to stay relevant is consistently all her.  So maybe Kanye is filling her closet, but DAMN, Kim is filling her clothes.

Plus, Kim and Kanye look amazing and happy together.  They smile an awful lot for people who consciously try not to smile. Married with children looks good on them! So does black on black on black on black.  TBH my WCW is their little family. North is already a shade-throwing little star herself:

That face though. I feel you, Nori. 

P.S. Thank you for distracting the internet from "the dress" for a while with your new 'do, Kim.

xo, Adele
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March 04, 2015

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#WCW: Amy Poehler

With the the recent finale of Parks and Rec, I'm seriously mourning the loss of my fictional best friend, Leslie Knope. If everyone radiated a little bit more Knope in their day-to-day, the world would be a much more kind and productive place.  And if we don't up-the-Knope for ourselves, we should do it for each other!  Everyone needs a Leslie-like, militantly inspirational homie to push and support them. But, maybe a little bit less political. So basically, Amy Poehler.  Homegirl is a force of positive energy and I'm in love with her...

… because the most crush-worthy quality is humor. And intelligence. And definitely kindness. Also, style. Being completely gorgeous and having an extremely high natural eyebrow arch is also a thing. Seriously, if she wasn't always smiling, she would look mad as hell. There's a certain fierceness that comes along with an angry set of brows on a very happy face. Perf.

Do yourself a favor, and binge read her book, Yes, Please. Comedy or self-help, I'm not really sure, but it's easily the most quotable memoir in recent history. Obviously hilarious, and obviously everything you need to get you through life. She kills it. 

Best summed up as: Be awesome to everyone, but especially to yourself! I can get behind that.

"Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life."  She should know, her best friend is TINA FEY.  They are a prime example of a ride or die power duo that has seriously pushed and pulled each other up the ladder of success.  The key to success is support and collaboration, not being a jerk.  Why compete with someone, when you can just host the Golden Globes together and be amazing and have fun? And Baby Mama was one of the most underrated films of all time. There, I said it. "Bitch, I don't know your life!" is my most used movie quote. Mostly in my inner monologue though, because it's just as much rude as it is relevant.

I really do, Amy!

xo, Adele
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February 23, 2015


Jawbreaking Babe of the Week: Angelica Rodriguez

Angelica Rodriguez, 21, Los Angeles, CA

What's your favorite Jawbreaking shirt?
My favorite Jawbreaking shirt is definitely the "I Like Your Face" tee. The smiley face is the cutest and I love the reactions I get from people after they read it!

Describe your style.
Hmm, my style constantly changes depending on what vibe I'm going for each day.  But overall, I'd probably describe my style as quirky and a little badass.

Who's your style icon?
Whitney Port and Alexa Chung.

Follow Angelica on Instagram  |  @hahahangelica

If you want to be featured, Instagram yourself wearing Jawbreaking in a way that best represents your style and tag it with #jawbreaking!

xo, Adele
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